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The Co-Pilot Program is designed to offer one-on-one support in identifying and working towards goals, and navigating community resources. Community volunteers and participants are matched as a Co-Pilot pairing and meet weekly to work towards the participant's goals. Volunteers serve as a liaison between their Co-Pilot and resources in the community, advocating for their success. Volunteers generally only work with one individual at a time to ensure dedicated focus.

The priority of this program is to ensure that participants have the necessary tools and support to access resources, whether connecting them with medical services or helping obtain required documentation for employment and housing.  The consistency and support of the Co-Pilot pairing bring a familiarity and personal touch to the relationship. Participants are empowered to achieve their goals through a mutually beneficial relationship, ultimately resulting in them overcoming unique barriers.

What Can Co-Pilots Assist With?

  • Dedicated one-on-one support with identifying immediate needs & long-term goals

  • Guidance with navigating community resources

  • Assistance with finding employment and housing

Examples of goals include:

  • Health Care Services

  • Identification Documents

  • SSI

  • CalFresh

  • Shelter

  • Phone

  • Low-Income Housing Apps

  • Employment

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