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About Us


Uplift Eureka supports community members experiencing homelessness in accessing vital community resources to obtain housing, employment, and to reclaim their independence.

Uplift Our Community

Uplift Eureka is a program within The Community Access Project for Eureka (C.A.P.E.). We believe in every individual's capacity for positive change, and we are invested in supporting those in need to overcome barriers in employment and housing.

The challenge with attempting to "solve" the issue of homelessness is that it is not one simple issue. There are many factors that fall under the umbrella of "homelessness". These include trauma, mental illness, addiction, poverty, unemployment, and a wide variety of unique individual situations that result in members of our community finding themselves without housing.

Uplift Eureka is not designed to take the place of existing services or to even supplement them; it is a comprehensive program designed to directly guide individuals to existing resources and ensure they are in a position to take advantage of those resources by providing support and programming to empower themselves to a better quality of life.

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